about the project

microDUNE is a mobile, pop-up park installation that serves to reconnect the Delta with the City and receive feedback from the community about how to improve our riverfront experience. microDune proposes a “pop up” park experience that embodies Sacramento’s historical ecology (inland sand dunes that once existed in our delta) while creating an interactive, educational and fun experience for the community. Using small scale and low-cost strategies, the microDune is comprised of a modified shipping container and sand surface to allow for a flexible surface for play, seating, lounging and viewing.

microDune aims to interject the River into the City fabric through a series of pop up events throughout the region as a way to solicit feedback from the community about how to improve our riverfront. The Sacramento and American Rivers are Sacramento’s biggest asset, yet there is little to no connection between the City and the River. The microDune symbolizes the most critical assets of the City while cultivating a new, contemporary identity for the city of Sacramento – strengthening public life, culture and development potential along the Sacramento River. While landscape may be often seen as a second-hand investment, the Sacramento riverfront is in a unique position to re-conceive itself as a cultural landmark.