about the project

In addition to providing guidance and policy recommendations that reduce barriers for the public, encourage “creative placemaking” and identify areas in need, the design team was involved in implementing tactical installations that gather community feedback. The team developed and deployed three community engagement projects over the course of 2020.

1. “This Must Be the Place” is a social media feedback call, soliciting locals to share photos of themselves in their favorite places in Mariposa and a statement on what makes that place so special.

2. “Ah-Lo’-Mah’” (“basket” in Miwuk) is a set of temporary outdoor installations that highlight Miwuk basket making, made by local Native women. Working closely with the Mariposa Placemaking Strategy Advisory Committee – made up of residents, business owners and community activists, ATLAS presented multiple tactical design concepts and the committee selected one that celebrated the Miwuk practice of basket making. This, in turn, established a collaborative relationship with the Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation who was involved in the design, execution, and installation. In addition to showcasing the artwork to the public, the basket making process engaged Native women who had never weaved before, learning from experienced tribal members, to create their first baskets. Moreover, the installation was used to help secure funding from the California Arts Council for a grant that will allow the Mariposa County Arts Council to continue to collaborate with the Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation in developing, creating, and installing a series of site-specific artistic interventions.

3. “Seed Share” provides a place for residents to share and exchange seeds. Located along Mariposa Creek, the installation is stocked with riparian seeds native to California and highlights the importance of the forthcoming Mariposa Creek Parkway improvement project.