EDGErs in the Spotlight

Kimberly Garza featured in MetroEdge's EDGErs in the Spotlight.

Landscape Architecture Korea

Peak Experience featured in laK landscape architecture Korea

Peak Experience featured in World Landscape Architecture.

"Peak Experience is an exciting installation by ATLAS Lab that was created for the San Francisco Market Street Prototyping Festival – a 3 Day event that took place in April showcasing 50 prototype projects.

Drawing from the nearly 53 hills that frame San Francisco’s most diverse and engaging neighborhoods, Peak Experience reconceives the hills of San Francisco into a series of varying and undulating mounds that frame a mix of uses that promote the integration of play into traditional street models."

Next City Vanguards Conference

Kimberly Garza named 40 under 40 urban innovator for the 2015 Vanguard Conference. Reno, NV.

Topos Magazine

Dedamming the Dutch Delta featured in TOPOS Magazine, “Resilience: Designing the New Sustainability” by Nina-Marie Lister.

2015 Market Street Prototyping Festival

Peak Experience on display at the Market Street Prototyping Festival in San Francisco, Ca.

Metro Edge: Emerge Summit

Kimberly Garza to present Interactive Arts: Sacramento Supervision at the Emerge Summit Conference. Sacramento, CA.

Catalyst: Sacramento Capitol Mall Competition

ATLAS Lab selected as First Place winner of Catalyst: Sacramento Capitol Mall Competition “Capitol Canopy” City of Sacramento: Sacramento, California.

Bracket [Goes Soft]

Kimberly Garza and Sarah Thomas Karle selected contributor to Bracket: Goes Soft “undamming the Dutch Delta” edited by Mason White. Actar.

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