about the project

“Sacramento’s Front Porch” proposes to restore the area between Front Street and the Waterfront into a signature park that honors Sacramento’ history and inspires the future for the local and visiting community. The Waterfront is re-positioned as Sacramento’s welcome mat – a diverse and social place for all.

Planning for the future of the Sacramento Waterfront is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Front Porch represents a vision Sacramento can be proud of – a project that is ambitious yet practical. Authentic to our city, The Front Porch is a welcoming project integral to community and nature, hopeful for people of all walks of life, all races, locals, tourists – everybody young and old.

The design proposes to restore waterfront access between Front Street and the river through creation of a signature park honoring Sacramento’s history, complete with narratives and native riparian vegetation. Creation of a separated pedestrian walkway and dedicated bike path along the embarcadero will also greatly improve access for all. The new dedicated bike path also provides a missing link in the regional trail system along the river. Additions of a performance space for outdoor concerts near the Tower Bridge, water splash pad with beach area for volleyball, and sheltered depot structure will encourage family picnics and community engagement.