about the project

The landscape design for the interior Spruce Goose Hangar included lush, mature palm groves with custom designed planters, irrigation and interior grow lights. The exterior landscape, a striking contrast, consisted of the planting rows of 700 phytoremediation bare root Hybrid Poplar “poles” around 6-8 feet high. These cost effective but high-performance poplar trees have active TCE Phytoremediation Systems complete with TCE degrading native poplar bacterial endophytes. Planted at an effective density for a rich experience while actively treating the contaminated groundwater – with deep root growth down to the existing groundwater and immobilized the contamination through the evapotranspiration from the fast tree growth.

Erik led the design as Principal while at TLS Landscape Architecture. Images courtesy of TLS Landscape Architecture.

Photo credit: Google images by: Connie Zhou, ZGF Architects and Intrinsyx Environmental