Introducing “Cool Conscious Cities,” an initiative of Atlas’ research and innovation arm, The Lab. The project investigates the causes and impacts of heat disparity within disadvantaged communities and presents solutions to promote cool equity. Through visual storytelling, combining photography, research, and data visualizations, the campaign highlights the pressing need for heat mitigation solutions in the built environment within disadvantaged communities. Across the country, ever-increasing heatwaves, for longer durations, are becoming the norm. As a result, ecological disparities are becoming apparent within disadvantaged communities. A 2021 study found that people of color and those living in poverty experience hotter temperatures in 97% of U.S. cities compared to white people and the wealthy (Hsu et al., 2021). Lack of resources, limited incomes, physical and mental health concerns, coupled with high asphalt to planting ratios have threatened the livelihoods of people of color and low-income communities. Led by Atlas Lab’s team, Cool Conscious Cities provides research, tools, and solutions for city leaders, policymakers, planners, and allied design professionals to design and promote cool cities for all. Follow @cool_conscious_cities on Instagram to learn more.